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The 2021 ASPAC eConvention will be starting 30 minutes earlier at

28 May 2021, 8:30 am (Philippines Time, GMT+8)

London 1:30am | | Katmandu 6:15AM | ZURICH 2:30AM | NEW DELHI 6:00AM | Taipei & KL 8:30am | Tokyo & Seoul 9:30am | ADELAIDE 10:00AM | Auckland 12:30PM

27 May 2021

Hawaii & tahiti 2:30pm | Los Angeles 5:30pm | INDIANAPOLIS & New York 8:30pm

2021 ASPAC eConvention

46th Annual Convention of Kiwanis Asia-Pacific

Dear Kiwanians and Friends of Kiwanis,

Greetings ! and a very warm welcome to the official website of the 46th Annual Convention of Kiwanis Asia-Pacific (ASPAC), aka “2021 ASPAC eConvention”.

The 2021 ASPAC eConvention is special, unique, and historic because, for the 1st time:-

  • the eConvention will be conducted fully on-line via the Zoom software;
  • the eConvention will be organised by a multi-district special committee;
  • attendees to the eConvention pay only a USD10* registration fee.

Nevertheless, the special committee will endeavour to incorporate as many of the features of our exciting regular ASPAC Convention of the past years as we can.

Therefore, we urge all Kiwanians to register to attend the 2021 ASPAC eConvention, and also to invite their fellow club members, family and friends to register too.  Thank you.

Yours in Kiwanis,

Lee Kuan Yong
Chair, Special Committee
on 2021 ASPAC eConvention

Ken Alovera
Kiwanis Asia-Pacific (ASPAC) Chair

*Note: Voting delegates and delegates-at-large pay an extra USD20 to defray the cost of the voting system and software.

ASPAC Special Committee on 2021 ASPAC eConvention

Ken Alovera, ASPAC Chair

Committee Chair
Lee Kuan Yong

Eli Jan Gumabong

Clinton Green, Lo Chang-Chien, Tadao Oda, Michael Chiew, Raymund Gerard Yap

Technical Team
Amanda Jane Russell

Souvenir Program
Cristy Gulle-Sebastian, Gigi Chan Chu

Making Yu Qing’s Concert Wish Come True at the


Kiwanis Asia-Pacific (ASPAC) is proud to collaborate with Make-A-Wish Malaysia to fulfil the wish of 9-year old Leong Yu Qing to perform a concert for a 1,000 audience.

In the west of Sendai City, you see these spectacular “snow monsters” also called “ice monsters” in Mount Zao.

The 46th ASPAC Convention was originally scheduled to be held in Sendai, Japan in March 2021, and hosted by the Japan District.  However, due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, the ASPAC Executive Board resolved to cancel this “in-person” convention, and to hold the on-line 2021 ASPAC eConvention instead.  The 2021 ASPAC eConvention will feature the Sendai Tsunami 10th Anniversary Memorial Program on the 1st day of the eConvention on 28th May 2021.

Official Convention Program

Candidates for Kiwanis International Vice President (2021-2022)​

Katrina Baranko


George R. Delisle




Clinton Green

For ASPAC Chair

Belle Garcia

For ASPAC Chair-elect

Sujan Kumar Shrestha

For ASPAC Vice Chair

Judy King

For Kiwanis Nation Representative

Shweta Shahi

For Kiwanis Nation Representative

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Advice for Video Calls

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Registration is now closed. Thank you all for your support.

Registration Statistics

Signup and join your fellow Kiwanians from your district for the upcoming 2021 ASPAC eConvention. Below are where the current registrations are coming from (Updated 11 April 2021).

Contact information

2021 ASPAC eConvention

If you have any questions about this convention, do drop us a line using this form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Making Yu Qing’s Concert Wish Come True at the


Kiwanis Asia-Pacific (ASPAC) is proud to collaborate with Make-A-Wish Malaysia to fulfil the wish of 9-year old Leong Yu Qing to perform a concert for a 1,000 audience.

Yu Qing has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, and is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Make-A-Wish Malaysia is a charity organisation set up in 2010 to grant wishes to Malaysian children battling critical illnesses. A wish is not merely something nice to have. It is a wondrous journey of anticipation and empowerment which helps awaken critically ill children’s imagination, builds courage and inspires these children to dream. Knowing that their heartfelt wish will soon be granted, these children start to feel joy and hope, replacing anxiety and fear as they continue to face their medical battle.

A wish creates amazing memories which continue to inspire long after the wish has been granted.

“When I heard about Make-A-Wish Malaysia’s program to grant Yu Qing’s wish to have a concert for a 1,000 audience, I immediately thought of streaming Yu Qing’s concert at the 2021 ASPAC eConvention”, said Lee Kuan Yong, Chair of the ASPAC Special Committee on the eConvention.

Make-A-Wish Malaysia CEO, Irene Tan, agreed that it was a wonderful idea for both organisations to collaborate to make Yu Qing’s wish come true.

The Motto of Kiwanis is “Serving the Children of the World”, and this collaboration with Make-A-Wish Malaysia is so timely and fitting for both organisations.

We therefore invite Kiwanians in the Asia-Pacific Region (ASPAC) and from around the world, to attend the 2021 ASPAC eConvention in large numbers, more than 1,000 attendees if possible, in order to make Yu Qing’s wish come true.

To register, visit the Convention website at: https://2021aspac.kiwan.is/

For more information on Make-A-Wish Malaysia, visit their website at:

Or Send an email of enquiry to info@makeawish.org.my;

Or email to 2021aspac@kiwan.is;

Katrina Baranko

International Level

  • Trustee 2018-2021
  • Leadership Development
  • and Education Chair 2020-2021
  • CKI Task Force 2020-2021
  • Finance Committee Vice Chair 2019-2020
  • Membership Committee 2018-2019; 2020-2021
  • Service and Partnerships Committee 2018-2019; 2019-2020
  • CKI International Board Counselor 2019-2020
  • Southeast Area Formula Chair 2017-2018
  • GA District Formula Chair 2014-2017
  • Certified Club Leadership Trainer 2009-2020
  • Session Presenter at Kiwanis International Convention 2016, 2017 and 2019
  • Kiwanis International Webinar Presenter 2016

District Level

  • Distinguished Governor
  • Distinguished Lt. Governor
  • Governor’s Award Recipient
  • District Leadership Medallion RecipientHenry C. Heinz Award
  • Board Member Georgia District Foundation
  • Chair: Membership
    Past District Governor’s Association District Convention
    Training and Education
    Youth Services
  • Finance Committee
  • Parliamentarian
  • District Trainer/Presenter
  • Policy and Procedures Committee

Club Level

  • Distinguished Club President
  • Distinguished Club Secretary
  • Board of Directors
  • Membership Chair
  • Kiwanian of the Year

Kiwanis Recognition

  • 27 years as a Kiwanian
  • George F. Hixson Fellow
  • Walter Zeller Fellow

Community and Business

  • Board of Directors: Albany Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Board of Directors: Albany Technical College Foundation
  • Board of Directors: Liberty House (Home for battered women)
  • Board of Directors: March of Dimes
  • Lee County Heart Association-Past Chair
  • Lee County Association of Educators-Past President
  • Women In Network-Past President
  • Georgia Association of Educators-Past District Director

Community and Business Recognition

  • Small Business of the Year Finalist
  • Junior Woman’s Club Family of the Year
  • Georgia Business Teacher of the Year
  • Future Business Leaders of America Advisor of the Year
  • Served on Finance Committee for Albany Technical College



  • BSED – University of Georgia
  • MBE – Georgia State University



  • Married to David
  • One Son, Daughter-In-Law and One Grandson
  • Owner: Merle Norman Cosmetics and Gifts (25 years)
  • Former Educator



Richard G. “Dick” Olmstead Jr., Lancaster, California, USA, was elected to a three-year term as a trustee of Kiwanis International in July 2017 at the 102nd Annual Kiwanis International Convention in Paris, France.

Dick has been a member of the Kiwanis Club of Palmdale West for 27 years and is also a charter member of the Kiwanis Club of Rosefloat of Pasadena. He is a former member of the Kiwanis Club of Cheyenne, Wyoming, and has also been a member of Kiwanis clubs in Newhall-Saugus, Burbank and Lancaster, California. Dick has been a Kiwanis member for a total of 41 years.

A past president of the California-Nevada-Hawaii (CNH) District Foundation, he has received the Rose Float Medallion and the 50th Year Commemorative Medallion. He is a Walter Zeller charter member, a Diamond Level George F. Hixon Fellow and a CNH Tablet of Honor recipient.

Dick has been a certified trainer since 1985. He established a club counselor program in his CNH District and provided training for those who were selected as counselors and helped save clubs and open new clubs. Dick has participated in new club buildings events in Indianapolis, Kansas, New Mexico, and California. He is a member of the CNH District Membership Committee. He helped start the Palmdale Aerospace Academy Key Club, the Antelope Valley Learning Academy Key Club, the Keppel Academy Builders Club, and the SAGE Magnet Academy Builders Club. He is an advisor to five Key Clubs and two Builders Club.

His philanthropy includes being a donor to the CNH Foundation Core Values Circle, a donor to the Kiwanis International Children’s Fund, and many local and international causes.

Dick served as president of three Kiwanis clubs and as governor and lieutenant governor. He was honored as Kiwanian of the Year three times and has 41 years of perfect attendance. He has been a distinguished secretary and received the Distinguished Service Award three times. Dick has attended 30-plus district conventions, 40-plus mid-year conventions and is a CNH life member.

He has received a bachelor of science from the University of Wyoming, a master’s degree from Pepperdine University and an MBA (Finance emphasis) from Woodbury University. He is retired from the United States Navy and is a retired aerospace program manager. He received the Lockheed Martin NOVA Award for Full Spectrum Leadership. Dick is a certified professional manager through the National Management Association. He is also a member of the Palmdale School District Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) Advisory Board.

George R. Delisle

Kiwanis Club of Westfield

George Delisle is a retired newspaper journalist, columnist, information technology specialist, and occasional radio personality. He joined the Kiwanis Club of Springfield, Massachusetts, (one of the first 50 Kiwanis clubs, founded in 1916), in 1979 and served as its 76th president.  

In 2004, George became a member of the Westfield Kiwanis Club in Westfield, MA, where he and his family have lived since 1990.  He served as club vice-president for two terms from 2006 to 2008 and as president in 2008-2009. He was elected to his first term as lieutenant governor in 2006 and was appointed district editor by Governor Suzanne Lemak.  For his work establishing the district’s “Yankiwanian” newspaper as an electronic publication, George was recognized as “Outstanding Lieutenant Governor” and “Outstanding Committee Chair” for the 2006-2007 administrative year. 

George subsequently served New England and Bermuda as Builders Club Administrator (2008-2012), District Treasurer (2011-2012), Governor (2013-2014) and District Secretary (2015-2017) before being elected to the Kiwanis International Board of Trustees at the 2018 International Convention in Las Vegas. 

George has been enthusiastically involved with Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs since serving as Kiwanis Advisor to the Minnechaug Regional High School Key Club in Wilbraham, MA, in the mid-1980s. He was advisor to the Key Club International Board of Trustees for 2019-2020, and is currently Kiwanis advisor to Key Clubs in Westfield, Northampton, and Easthampton, MA, and to a Builders Club and a K-Kids Club in Westfield.

George continues as an active member of the Westfield Kiwanis Club, where he has been the co-host of the club’s annual TV Auction fundraiser for more than 15 years. He was club opener for the Northampton, MA, Kiwanis Club, which chartered in 2018 and which he serves as Charter Secretary.  

George’s favorite non-Kiwanis activity is roller coasters – the higher and steeper, the better. Before retiring, George professionally reviewed roller coasters for the Springfield Republican newspaper. He’s also an avid amateur photographer, has been known to detour many miles for a kitschy roadside attraction, and collects lots of Kiwanis ephemera, especially old Kiwanis gongs from defunct clubs.

George’s wife Geana is a past club president and lieutenant governor, and the long-time secretary of the Kiwanis Foundation of New England. George and Geana are the proud parents of Jennifer Ruddock, Corinne Nowell, and Denise Delisle, and are grandparents of Joshua Ruddock and Tristan Nowell.  Denise is also an active member of the Kiwanis Club of Westfield.



Charles “Chuck” Gugliuzza has been a member of the Homestead/South Dade Kiwanis Club for over 20 years.

He is a George F. Hixon Fellow, a Walter Zeller Fellow and is a member of the Tablet of Honor. He is a member of the Kiwanis Children’s Fund Founder’s Circle and has ridden on the Rose Parade Kiwanis Float. He holds the Eliminate Project Centennial Award, the Eliminate Project Recognition Award and along with his wife, Emilia, is an Eliminate Project major gift donor. He also is an Eliminate Project District Advocate and participated in a site visit to Senegal for The Eliminate Project.

Chuck has served as a distinguished club president and has been Kiwanian of the Year. He has been a distinguished lieutenant governor and governor and holds the Florida District Honorary Lifetime Award.

He has received the Florida Key Club Key of Honor Award. He has attended 19 district conventions – missing only the 2017 FL DCON as he was attending the New England & Bermuda District DCON at the same time – and has attended 17 international conventions, which includes the Council Meeting held in 2020. He is a Ralph Davis Fellow, Diamond Level, and a Robert W. Thal Lifetime Sustaining Member Fellow. He and his wife, Emilia, also have funded a perpetual $1,000 annual CKI scholarship in the Florida District.

Chuck has been involved in opening over 45 Clubs and has sponsored 250 members into Kiwanis over the years. He continues to sponsor new members each year into Kiwanis and is a charter member of the Pinecrest / Palmetto Bay Club, Centennial E-Club, and Puerto Rico Borinquen that he helped to open.

Outside of Kiwanis, Chuck is a business owner with interests in accounting and property management. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and Toastmasters. He received the Homestead/South Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year award, the Homestead City Council Community Service and Kindness Award and is a past board member and director of the Chamber of Commerce.

He is a graduate of Moravian College (PA) and holds an MBA from Seton Hall University (NJ).

With his wife Emilia, he has organized a Holiday Santa Program that provides gifts to more than 20,000 children in South Florida, Puerto Rico, Uganda (Africa), Philippines, and Latin America. Chuck plays Santa every year and his wife is Mrs. Claus. He also enjoys reading, travel and of course, community service.




Barb Thompson grew up on a dairy farm in the midwestern United States. She lives with her husband, Charlie, also a Kiwanian, in St. Louis, MO. They are proud parents of two adult children, Chuck and Leslie, both of whom are attorneys.

A member of the Florissant Valley Kiwanis club and of the Eye of the Tiger, eKiwanis, I-I club, as well as five other clubs, Barb has served as lieutenant governor and governor of the Missouri-Arkansas District. She is currently the Missouri-Arkansas Kiwanis Earl Collins Foundation President, District Membership Coordinator, a certified Kiwanis trainer, and secretary of her home club. She has opened more than 50 Kiwanis clubs and has brought hundreds of new members into Kiwanis. She is a Platinum member of the Formula Legacy Circle and holds a Ruby Key.

A professional educator, Barb has served as assistant school district superintendent and as an adjunct university professor. Besides Kiwanis, other community involvement includes serving on the Good Shepherd School for Children Board of Directors for six years, two of them as chair.  She currently serves as vice president of North County Churches Uniting for Racial Harmony and Justice (NCCU) and as secretary of its North County Youth Task Force. She also serves as Nominating Committee Chair of the North Star District of the Greater St. Louis Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. She was inducted into the De Soto High School Hall of Fame, and received an NCCU President’s Award for Promoting Racial Harmony and Social Justice; the Christian Hospital Foundation Drum Major Award; the Hazelwood School District Community Partnership Award; and numerous other community, professional, and Kiwanis awards.

She is a Missouri-Arkansas District Zimmerman Fellow, a George F. Hixson Fellow, a charter Walter Zeller Fellow, Diamond Level 2, and a Centennial Award recipient. She served as a Multi-Division Coordinator and Speakers Bureau member for The Eliminate Project. She belongs to two Eliminate Project Gold Clubs, and she and Charlie are fulfilled Major Donors of The Eliminate Project and members of the Kiwanis Children’s Fund Founder’s Circle. 

Barb states, “I am seeking the office of Kiwanis International Vice President because I am committed to our purpose of improving the world one child and one community at a time. I will focus on increasing and diversifying membership. It is the key to our ability to serve children and communities and to our ability to sustain our Service Leadership programs, as well as to financial stability, and a strong future in which we continue to improve the world. My plan is to engage and motivate Kiwanians at all levels in the important work of increasing membership. As we struggle with a global pandemic, we don’t yet know when the pandemic will end, nor its total effect on our membership. We do know that now, more than ever, #KidsNeedKiwanis. And we must work on growing membership so that we are here to meet those needs.”